Many Al-Anon publications are available at South Puget Sound meetings. Most Al-Anon and Alateen meetings offer complimentary literature to newcomers, and offer books and pamphlets for sale. Each meeting has a Literature person and additional literature may be ordered through that representative at each meeting. The South Puget Sound literature distribution center makes obtaining literature easy.

Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. publishes books, pamphlets, service materials, and a monthly magazine, The Forum.

To purchase literature, contact our literature distribution center coordinator at:

Listing of available titles:

Al-Anon Literature – Books

One Day at a Time in Al-Anon Daily Reader This Al-Anon classic offers inspirational daily readings relating Al-Anon philosophy to everyday situations. Indexed. 384 pages.

Courage to Change: One Day at a Time in Al-Anon II Daily Reader This collection of insightful daily reflections reveals the surprisingly simple things that can transform lives. Indexed. 384 pages.

Hope for Today Daily Reader Al-Anon’s newest daily reader is an inspiring and thought-provoking follow-up to our other two daily readers. Based on the sharings of Al-Anon’s adult children members, this is a book for anyone who wants to grow in acceptance, compassion, and understanding. Indexed. 383 pages.

Living Today in Alateen Daily Reader Alateen’s newest daily reader, filled with wonderful, hope-filled personal sharings. The simplicity and straight-forwardness of these pages can show all of us, regardless of age, how to live right now. Indexed. 378 pages.

The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage Al-Anon can help with the unique problems of alcoholic relationships. Members share experiences with applying the Twelve Steps to their relationships. Indexed, softcover. 102 pages.

The Al-Anon Family Groups – Classic Edition With a new introduction, footnotes, and appendix, the original text of our pioneer members connects us with Al-Anon’s roots. The hope that this book still offers the world is undeniable. Indexed. 196 pages.

Lois Remembers Lois W., cofounder of Al-Anon, recalls the eventful years before and after the founding of AA and Al-Anon. Illustrated, indexed. Softcover. 208 pages.

Al-Anon’s Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions come alive through essays, reflections, and stories from Al-Anon members. Indexed. 150 pages.

As We Understood… Al-Anon members share their understanding of prayer, letting go, fellowship, meditation, a Higher Power, and spiritual awakening. Indexed. 273 pages.

Forum Favorites Volume 4 This volume features classic experts from Al-Anon’s monthly magazine, The Forum. Indexed, softcover. 144 pages.

In All Our Affairs: Making Crises Work for You Al-Anon members’ personal stories reveal how applying specific Al-Anon principles helped them through life’s difficult situations. It includes stories dealing with abuse, death, divorce, violence, infidelity, and more. Indexed, softcover. 255 pages.

From Survival to Recovery: Growing Up in an Alcoholic Home Al-Anon adult children tell their stories – with pathos, humor, courage, and honesty, renewing hope for all of us. Indexed. 303 pages.

How Al-Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics Al-Anon’s “basic book” reflects the shared wisdom of Al-Anon members today. The most comprehensive book on Al-Anon is excellent for personal and meeting study. Indexed. 400 pages.

Paths to Recovery – Al-Anon’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts A guide for study of Al-Anon’s three Legacies. Chapters on each Step, Tradition, and Concept of Service include insightful text, poignant personal stories, and thought-provoking questions for group or individual study. Indexed. 366 pages.

Al-Anon Literature – Booklets

Blueprint for Progress: Al-Anon’s Fourth Step Inventory [Revised] This revised and expanded workbook has a number of new topics including fear, anger, control, intimacy, sex, finances, and spirituality. Spiral bound with room for writing and answers. Three-hole punched, so it can fit inside a notebook. 96 pages.

Blueprint for Progress [Original Version] This original version of Al-Anon’s Fourth Step booklet was first published in 1976. 64 pages.

Homeward Bound Al-Anon members share their experience, strength and hope regarding the alcoholic’s return from a treatment facility or other institution. It helps newcomers make the transition into Al-Anon. 48 pages.

Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual Al-Anon’s policies, suggestions for groups, service structure, and the Twelve Concepts of Service are described in detail in this indispensable handbook. As it states on the first page, “Every Al-Anon and Alateen member is encouraged to own and study this Manual.” 224 pages.

What’s “Drunk,” Mama? Illustrated large-print booklet helps younger children understand alcoholism. It is an excellent tool for parents. 31 pages.

Living with Sobriety: Another Beginning For everyone who is trying to accept change, let go of guilt and resentment, deal with disappointments, improve communication, and learn to be happy. 48 pages.

When I Got Busy, I Got Better Participation in Al-Anon builds self-esteem and confidence. Members share service experiences in the Al-Anon program. 64 pages.

Al-Anon Literature –¬†Pamphlets

Al-Anon, You and the Alcoholic Answers the most frequently asked questions about Al-Anon and how it helps families deal with problems brought about by alcoholism. Eight pages. P-2

Alcoholism, a Merry-Go-Round Named Denial A dramatic analogy helps family members and friends see the roles they play in the lives of alcoholics. 24 pages. P-3

Alcoholism, the Family Disease This longtime favorite includes: the purpose of the Al-Anon program; stories of people who found serenity in Al-Anon; questions and answers; “Just for Today;” wisdom from our slogans; evaluating our maturity; thoughts to live by; and the “Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon.” 32 pages. P-4; P-4L Large-print

Freedom from Despair A message of hope for those faced with alcoholism, a problem they can’t solve alone. Four pages. P-6

Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic A clear and realistic look at alcoholism, the problems encountered by those closest to the alcoholic, and the choices available to the family. 12 pages. P-7

Purpose and Suggestions A brief introduction to Al-Anon with down-to-earth suggestions for making improvements in our lives. Six pages. P-13

So You Love an Alcoholic First steps to a changed attitude toward the alcoholic. Unexpected answers to the question, “What shall I do?” Six pages. P-14

3 Views of Al-Anon Members of AA share why they recommend Al-Anon to the families and friends of alcoholics and how they cooperate with Al-Anon to help alcoholics and their families. Eight pages. P-15

The Twelve Steps and Traditions For personal or group growth. A handy, pocket-sized guide to understanding and using Al-Anon’s Steps and Traditions in our daily lives. Also includes the “Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon.” 24 pages P-17

What Do You Do about the Alcoholic’s Drinking? Depicts common misconceptions of family members and friends of alcoholics in trying to cope with the disease of alcoholism and how Al-Anon can help. Eight pages. P-19

Sponsorship, What It’s All About Sponsorship is a vital tool of the Al-Anon program. This pamphlet offers guidance on how to find a Sponsor, what to expect of the relationship, and suggestions for Sponsors. 16 pages. P-31

This is Al-Anon Meeting guidelines include: Al-Anon’s Suggested Welcome and Closing; Preamble; Serenity Prayer; Twelve Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of Service; and the slogans. 12 pages. P-32

Why Anonymity in Al-Anon? Personal anonymity is a spiritual principle of Al-Anon members. Includes examples that respect confidences of members in everyday situations. Eight pages. P-33

Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children Personal stories illustrate how Al-Anon helps members deal with lingering effects of their parents’ alcoholism. Revised in 2004, it now includes a section on how adult children apply the Twelve Steps to their lives. 24 pages. P-47

Understanding Ourselves and Alcoholism Explains how compulsion, addiction, obsession, and denial affect alcoholics and those close to them. Six pages. P-48

Al-Anon Spoken Here Questions and answers lead to a better understanding of Al-Anon’s unique program of recovery. Eight pages. P-53

The Concepts – Al-Anon’s Best-Kept Secret? This illustrated pamphlet explains the principles of worldwide service contained in Al-Anon’s third Legacy, the Twelve Concepts of Service, and how to apply them to our personal lives. 32 pages. P-57

Al-Anon’s Twelve Traditions Illustrated Al-Anon’s second Legacy is explained with words and illustrations to help all members grasp the principles of the Twelve Traditions. 32 pages. P-60

Does She Drink Too Much? From Men, about the Women in Their Lives Men who have found answers in Al-Anon share what has helped them. Six pages. P-62

Dear Mom & Dad This powerful leaflet gives a clear picture of what Alateen means to Alateen members. For parents, teachers, friends, and others. Six pages. P-67

Al-Anon’s Cofounders: the Extraordinary Work of Two Ordinary Women The stories of Lois W. and Anne B. and the early days of Al-Anon. Six pages. P-87

Service Sponsorship: Working Smarter, Not Harder Explains the benefits of having and/or being a Service Sponsor. Offers tips for having an effective service experience by not doing it alone. Eight pages. P-88

Al-Anon is for Men Straightforward information helps men identify typical reactions to alcoholism in another person. Six pages. P-1

How Can I Help My Children? Parents can help their children understand the family disease of alcoholism. Changed attitudes and behavior will help the entire family. Includes inspiring stories from parents. 24 pages. P-9

To the Mother and Father of an Alcoholic Sharings from parents of alcoholics and straightforward answers to frequently asked questions help relieve parents of the fear anger, blame, guilt, and confusion that come with realizing their child is an alcoholic. 16 pages. P-16

The Al-Anon Focus Al-Anon members who are also recovering alcoholics describe how they have been affected by the alcoholism of others. Six pages. P-45

Al-Anon Is for Gays and Lesbians No matter how different or unique one may feel, help and hope are available in Al-Anon for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking. Six pages. P-85

Al-Anon’s Path to Recovery – Al-Anon Is for Native Americans/Aboriginals This outreach tool for Native communities describes the benefits of the Al-Anon program. Six pages. S67

Al-Anon Is for… African Americans… African Canadians… All People of Color Useful for group literature racks and for Public Outreach efforts to help people of color identify with the Al-Anon program. Six pages. S-68

Al-Anon Is for Adult Children of Alcoholics This new service tool is ideal for outreach both inside and outside the fellowship. Six pages. S-69